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Approximate and CFD energy performance analyses of industrial heating by water strip modules Part 1
Analisi approssimata e CFD delle prestazioni energetiche di sistemi di riscaldamento industriale con termostrisce radianti Parte 1

M. Noro marco.noro@unipd.it1, M. Calari1, S. Mancin1

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The objective of this study is the theoretical evaluation of the energy performance and comfort conditions of an industrial environment heated by a radiant strip heating system fed with hot water, which operates in steady state conditions, by varying the operating conditions. The analysis is carried out in two successive steps: firstly, the convective coefficients and the heating power (both convective and radiant part) of the heating system are evaluated by simulating heat exchange conditions similar to real operations, in comparison with the nominal data according to EN14037 standard. To carry out this preliminary assessment, different references in the scientific literature are considered concerning experimental measurements and/or numerical simulations of similar applications (low or medium temperature radiant heating systems in large rooms). In the second step of this study (the second part of this article), the analysis is deepened by CFD simulations to confirm the preliminary assessments.

Radiant system
Water strips
Industrial heating
Energy efficiency

DOI: 10.36164/AiCARRJ.69.04.02