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Francis Allard (France)
Filippo Busato (Italy)

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Karel Kabele (Czech Republic)
Valentina Serra (Turin - Italy)

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Umberto Berardi (Italy)
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Rita M.A. Mastrullo (Italy)
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Luigi Schibuola (Italy)
Giovanni Semprini (Italy)
Jorn Toftum (Denmark)
Timothy Wentz (USA)
Claudio Zilio (Italy)


Giorgio Albonetti

Management Board
Filippo Busato
Paolo Cervio
Luca Piterà
Erika Seghetti

Editorial Board
Carmine Casale
Paolo Cervio
Luigi Gazzi
Pino Miolli
Marco Noro
Luca Alberto Piterà
Gabriele Raffaellini
Valentina Serra 
Luigi Schibuola
Claudio Zilio

Publishing Editor
Erika Seghetti 


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Quine, a LSWR Group company, is a reference publisher in the upgrading of technical professionals. Quine collaborates with the most important research associations and organizations with the aim of supporting companies and specialists to comply with all educational, legal or market obligations.

Focused on Automotive, Construction and Industry sectors, each day reaches tens of thousands of operators with training updates and topical news.

Among the most popular magazines of the publishing division are:
AiCARR magazine - The magazine for HVAC&R designers
AUDIOFADER - The online platform for audio specialists
BLU&ROSSO - B2B Magazine and site for wholesalers in the thermal and sanitary industry

CASA & CLIMA - Leading magazine for sustainable design
Daily - Digital Daily with over 35,000 subscribers
COMMERCIO ELETTRICO - B2B Magazine and site for wholesalers in the electrical industry
DIMENSIONE PULITO - The trade magazine for professional cleaning
IL GIORNALE DELL'INGEGNERE - Since 1952 the monthly on the engineer's culture, technique and profession

IGIENE ALIMENTI - The magazine for the food industry
INDUSTRY 4.0 - The magazine for designing the smart industry
INNOVARE - Scientific Technical Information for SMEs - Official Confapi magazine
L'Ammoniore - Monthly magazine for Industrial Production
M&A - meccanica&automazione - Monthly and Innovation Portal in Manufacturing and Machine Tools
NEWSLETTER ENGINEER'S - Electronic Regulatory Legislative Extension
PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER GUIDES - Technical Manuals and Tutorials for Selling and Installing

PULIZIA INDUSTRIALE & SANIFICAZIONE - For 50 years the magazine and the site of cleaning and facility management.

Quine Business Publisher designs and supplies training and updating courses on topics ranging from Health and Safety to Workplaces - in compliance with current legislation - to more specific issues in the field of construction, Architecture, Engineering, Energy Efficiency and Industry 4.0.
Courses are accredited by bilateral bilaterals, as provided by D.Lgs. 81/08, or entitle to training credits and are awarded by a highly qualified teaching staff.  -